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      The Basics Baby Registry Guide

      The Basics Baby Registry Guide - Lulla-Buy
      Starting a baby registry can be a really daunting task. An option is to take a basic list as a starting point and add as you learn and find out what suits you and your baby. After all, motherhood is a constant learning curve. 

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      Step-by-step guide to build your baby registry

      Step-by-step guide to build your baby registry - Lulla-Buy

      Building a baby registry can be quite overwhelming, so we are here to help take you through what you will need step-by-step.

      Get ready for baby and create your registry as we guide you through each checklist

      • Firstly make sure you have created a registry on Lulla-Buy so you can start adding everything you need.
      • Go through the checklists below and browse each set of products.
      • Easily get back to each checklist in the footer menu

      Take your time to enjoy the process!

      1. Your birthing or hospital bag checklist

      What you will need for mom and baby during and after birth

      View this checklist

      2. All you need for the baby room checklist

      Decorate the baby room and get all the essentials you need

      View this checklist

      3. Travelling with baby and all their gear

      In the car, going for a walk get everything you need for baby on the move

      View this checklist

      4. Nappies, changing and all that fun stuff

      Nappies, changing necessities find out what you need

      View this checklist

      5. Feeding, bottles, dummies and more

      Breastfeeding, formula, weaning and solid

      View this checklist

      6. Bath time and grooming

      Keep baby clean and healthy with bath time essentials

      View this checklist

      7. Safety, medical and baby proofing

      All you need to make everything safe for you and baby

      View this checklist

      8. Clothing

      Checklist coming soon! Shop our clothing range so long

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