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      The Basics Baby Registry Guide

      The Basics Baby Registry Guide - Lulla-Buy

      Starting a baby registry can be a really daunting task. An option is to take a basic list as a starting point and add as you learn and find out what suits you and your baby. After all, motherhood is a constant learning curve. 


      Let's start with the feeding. Babies are hungry nearly every time they are awake at the beginning, so feeding them is all you do. If you're planning on formula-feeding, you can obviously skip several things on the list.

      • Baby bottles - Start with one or two in case you need them and you can see if baby likes them.
        • Steriliser - Yes, you can boil water to sterilise but you will have so little spare time that why not give yourself a little extra convenience even if it’s a microwave steriliser?
        • Dummies - Start with two and see if they suit baby – some babies do not take to dummies at all and others love them. It’s great to have one on hand just in case.

        Breast feeding

          • Breast pump - Being able to express milk either for dad to have a turn to feed baby or sometimes baby does not take to the breast but expressing milk and feeding from a bottle still gives baby all the benefits of breast milk. Options include electric or manual, double or single. Keep in mind with a double pump if you're only expressing then you will save time.

            Sleep time

            Aside from drinking milk, sleep is the main thing the baby does, so they need a few things.

            • Cot / camp cot / co-sleeper - This is up to your personal preference as to what will work better for you.
            • Blankets - We suggest about 4 or 5 as baby spends a lot of time in the early stages swaddled in a blanket
            • Sleeping bag/ swaddle - Babies love to feel safe and tightly wrapped up. It’s helpful to add an “instant” swaddle to your registry in case you are not up for the folding and wrapping of a traditional blanket. We love the unique design and ease of the Swaddle UP, especially for babies who love to sleep with their arms up. Have 2 so one can be in the wash and one being used.
            • Sleep pillow / sleep positioners -While this is not absolutely essential, every mom who has used one says it will change your life. The NutureOne sleep pillow assists in good sleeping patterns, promotes containment and a sense of calm and allows a smooth transition between breast-feeding and crib. An alternative is to use a sleep positioner to prevent baby from rolling over.
            • Baby monitor - This is essential to be able to listen out for baby while you are busy in other parts of the house or at night if baby sleeps in a different room. It provides you with that security especially in the beginning when you are so aware of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome).

            Bath time

            • Baby bath / support - You can bath baby in a normal bath and just put a bath support in which works perfectly or else you can buy a separate baby bath should you wish to.
            • Bath temperature thermometer - It is critical to ensure the water is not too hot. Sometimes what we as adults feel is cool enough is too hot. Another method is to use your elbow but to get that level of comfort you can rather invest in a thermometer which is not too expensive.

            Health and Safety

            Nappies and changing

            • Nappies - Newborn size 0 are up to 4 kgs and you won’t know how quickly baby will grow so best not to overstock. Work on about 6 nappies a day.  Perhaps buy some of size 1 (up to 6 kg) too. For moms who want to make use of cloths nappies Pokkelokkie have amazing starter kits which you can add onto as you need.
            • Wipes - No need to explain how useful these are. Nappy changes as well as face and hand cleans! Work on a pack a month as a minimum.   You can, of course, use wet face cloths to save on the amount of wipes required.
            • Nappy bin - Let's start out by saying a nappy bin is not essential but certainly makes disposing of nappies in the nursery more hygienic. Should you choose to buy one, take into consideration the size and how often you will need to empty it.
            • Nappy bin refills - Ensure you get the correct refills for your nappy bin. You are welcome to ask us for assistance if you are unsure.
            • Changing mat - These are also referred to as afterbath mats. Make sure you get the correct size to fit on your compactum or surface where you will be changing baby.

            Car seat and pram

            • Car seat - It is imperative to have a car seat when taking baby in the car. You do get all sorts of options that can fit easily into a pram.
            • Pram /stroller -You will need a pram and once again, this will depend on your lifestyle as to the kind you want to buy. You may want one that folds up really well into a small car boot or you may want one you can push while jogging.

            Wraps and carriers

            • Baby wrap - This is great way to make baby feel safe and warm while you are able to free yourself up to do something else. 

            Baby clothes

            It's hard to know what you're going to need or want until you can see what size your baby is, how quickly he/she grows and then obviously what seasons are coming up.  Our advice is to get a mix of sizes so that you aren’t stuck with only newborn sizes and nothing for the next phase. 

            Also, depending on the time of year and how often you do laundry, you might not need very many baby clothes, so this is the one area you can easily have a minimum until you are able to judge your baby’s size and growth.

            • Babygros - We suggest 8 - 10 split between newborn and 0 – 3 month sizes. We love zippered ones as they allow for a quick and easy change, especially welcome during those middle of the night shifts.
            • Pants - 4 should be enough to start out with.
            • Long and short tops - Start out with 4 of each and remember babies feel the cold, so long tops in summer are also practical.
            • Hats/beanies - Babies need to have their heads covered to keep warm so ensure you have some beanies or hats. 2 – 4 will be adequate, again remember to get a variety when it comes to size.
            • Bibs - Don’t underestimate how many bibs your baby needs! We would suggest you have at least 8. They always seem to be dirty!
            • Burp cloths - As you are winding your baby, he/she often tends to spit up and burp cloths are really necessary. You may need a lot but 4 should be a good starting point.
            • Socks - Baby's feet can get cold, usually babygros will have feet which may be sufficient, if you are dressing them in clothes without feet you may need some socks.


            • Baby Nappy Bag - When you go out you will definitely need a good nappy bag which will contain a change of clothes, some toys, milk formula, bottles etc. as well as nappies.
            • Massage and bath oil - This can be used during birth and a massage oil for mom as well as for baby as a bath oil.

            For mom 

            • Breast pads - Even if you do not breast feed, you will need a few of these until your milk dries up. You can buy disposable ones or reusable are a good option – especially if you do not know ahead of time whether you will be breastfeeding or not.
            • Maternity bra - 2 – 4 maternity bras will be necessary while you are breastfeeding or pumping.
            • Maternity panties - You will need maternity panties to be able to wear maternity pads and also to protect your normal panties. 5 pairs would be enough and they are available in a more disposable option or regular cotton options.  
            • Maternity pads and linen savers - Whether you have a natural birth or C-section you will need maternity pads. Each person is different but as a minimum start off with one pack. You might also get free packs from the hospital.


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            We wish you all the best in the preparation for your little one’s arrival and hope this basic baby checklist helps you. You can create your online baby registry with Lulla-Buy allowing an easy way for friends and family to purchase you and baby gifts to help you along the way.

            Step-by-step guide to build your baby registry

            Step-by-step guide to build your baby registry - Lulla-Buy

            Building a baby registry can be quite overwhelming, so we are here to help take you through what you will need step-by-step.

            Get ready for baby and create your registry as we guide you through each checklist

            • Firstly make sure you have created a registry on Lulla-Buy so you can start adding everything you need.
            • Go through the checklists below and browse each set of products.
            • Easily get back to each checklist in the footer menu

            Take your time to enjoy the process!

            1. Your birthing or hospital bag checklist

            What you will need for mom and baby during and after birth

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            2. All you need for the baby room checklist

            Decorate the baby room and get all the essentials you need

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            3. Travelling with baby and all their gear

            In the car, going for a walk get everything you need for baby on the move

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            4. Nappies, changing and all that fun stuff

            Nappies, changing necessities find out what you need

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            5. Feeding, bottles, dummies and more

            Breastfeeding, formula, weaning and solid

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            6. Bath time and grooming

            Keep baby clean and healthy with bath time essentials

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            7. Safety, medical and baby proofing

            All you need to make everything safe for you and baby

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            8. Clothing

            Checklist coming soon! Shop our clothing range so long

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