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      Job Vacancy: Warehouse assistant



      Lulla-Buy is a new online baby registry and store that has been running for just over a year, so we are just a baby ourselves. We focus on baby registries and providing an exciting experience for mom-to-be, we also have ordinary orders that come through on a daily basis.

      Orders are received online and then need to be categorised based on certain conditions, either to be sent in a registry shipment or straight away. Orders may include gift wrapping, and all registry orders include gift wrapping in some form. Orders are then packaged depending on the conditions, couriers booked and packages handed over to the courier.

      Courier deliveries from suppliers need to be accepted on the system to be added to the stock in the depot. Stock shelves are to be kept organised and neat.

      Lulla-Buy has a vacancy for a warehouse assistant to join the team. The successful candidate will be primarily responsible for handling the online orders, registries and delivery thereof.


      Online orders

      • Monitor and manage the orders received from the online store
      • Manage the gift registries, gift wrap, handwrite and print greeting cards.
      • Prepare orders for delivery, book couriers and hand parcels over
      • Be environmentally conscience with packaging.
      • Prepare orders with attention to detail and the customer experience in mind.

      Product Knowledge

      • Develop in-depth knowledge of the products available on the store to assist in packing orders correctly and receiving stock correctly

      Incoming deliveries

      • Receive purchase orders from the courier and accept the stock on the online system.
      • Pack stock away neatly and correctly on shelves.

      Operational support

      • Contribute to overall efficiency and make suggestions for operational improvements.
      • Keep the assembly line for orders and registries neat and organised with a logical process.
      • Call and email customers based on queries that may come up.

      Manage stock

      • Manage stock levels of office and delivery supplies
      • Interact with procurement for products not in stock
      • Manage packaging stock levels 

      Technologically proficient

      • Efficiency in Word, Excel, Outlook and Trello is required.
      • General computer literacy is required to be efficient and fast while handling multiple online systems

      Security and Maintenance       

      • Minimise potential stock loss by maintain a high level of awareness and alertness.


      The vacancy is based in Olivedale, Randburg at an office park. While Lulla-Buy is still growing you are expected to clean up after yourself and maintain a tidy office environment with any colleagues (when and if applicable), this includes cleaning your own dishes, keeping your desk and packing area tidy and occasionally vacuuming the office.


      • A strong attendance, reliability and punctuality record
      • A strong work ethic, being neat and organised
      • A clear understanding of good customer service
      • A positive and flexible approach
      • Strong attention to detail and ability to remember
      • Able to work independently
      • Remain calm and think clearly under pressure
      • Strong interpersonal skills
      • Excellent time management and organisational skills
      • Efficient, comfortable and quick using a computer
      • Ability to wrap gifts well


      Attendance is 8:00 to 4:30 pm


      To apply please visit the following link and complete the pre-assessment: