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      I have a registry

      • How do I add products to my registry
        • While browsing for products you will see a button next to each product that says “Add to registry”. You must be logged in with a registry created to add products.
      • What if a product on my registry goes out of stock
        • Products that go out of stock while on your registry will still display, the purchaser will have the option to wait for the product to be restocked or alternatively choose another product.
      • Where and how to use gift cards
        • You are able to use gift cards to pay for purchases on the Lulla-Buy website, upon checkout you can add your gift card code as a payment method. The purchased total will be deducted from the gift card and you can use the remainder for future purchases.
      • How to return a gift
      • How to get started building your registry
        • To get started building your registry you first need to create an account on Lulla-Buy so you can login, then visit Registry > Create a registry to add your information. You are then ready to start browsing and adding products to your registry.
      • Adding a cash fund to your registry
        • We have the option where you can add a cash fund as a gift option. This is a great option for moms who want to buy items secondhand elsewhere or other products that are not sold on our store. Please contact us if you would like to add specific cash fund item, alternatively you can select from any of the existing cash fund options. You may use your cash funds to either purchase goods on our store or alternatively cash them out with a small fee. See more on how cash funds work.
      • Change privacy settings
      • Manage my email preferences
      • Is my address private
      • Gift cards specific to particular vendor
        • Gift cards are not specific to any particular vendor and can be used throughout our online store
      • Where do I see what gifts were bought or reserved?
      • What countries and provinces is Lulla-Buy online baby registry available
        • Lulla-Buy online baby registry is available throughout South Africa and products are delivered nationwide. Delivery times may differ in outlying areas, please view our Delivery options for more info
      • Can I create more than one registry
        • You may create more than one registry on your profile, just ensure when adding products that you specify which registry you are adding to.
      • How long will my registry stay active
        • Your registry will stay active for X days after your event date, you can still view your registry for X days after the event date, however guests can no longer view your registry. To activate your registry again please contact us
      • How do I reactivate my registry
        • If the event date has past your registry will stay active for X days afterwards, if you would like to reactivate for long please contact us. If your registry is inactive because you have cancelled it then please contact us as it would have been temporarily deleted.
      • Can I print my registry
        • You can print your registry using the “print” link displayed when you view your registry, alternative ways of sharing your registry include via email, or a unique shared link.


      Customizing your registry

      • How to make things high priority
      • How to organize my registry


      • Do gift cards expire
        • Gift cards are valid for X months after purchase
      • What is the best way to share my registry
        • You can easily share your registry using any of the share options which include via email or a unique link.
      • How to use my baby registry discount
        • When you create an online baby registry with Lulla-Buy we will send you up to three specific discount codes which you can share with whoever you choose to purchase items for you.
      • What can my discount be used on
        • Your discount codes can be used on anything in the Lulla-Buy store as long as the purchases meet any specified criteria which will be included in your email with the discount codes.
      • How do I return a gift purchased for me
        • If you receive a gift purchased from the Lulla-Buy store which you would like to return we can easily do that for you, please follow our return process and include the name of the person who purchased the gift for you. See how to return an item for more info


      Giving a gift

      • How do I choose and buy a gift
        • We have a wide array of gifts available for purchase, you can buy off a registry by searching for the person’s name or following the link that they shared. Alternatively, you can select your own gift from our store, use our best gift ideas guide for some inspiration as well as insight into what moms really need for their baby.
      • How do I find a registry
        • You can find a registry here by searching for the person’s name or follow the link that was shared to you. You can easily navigate to this page by following the “Registry > Find a registry” link in the menu at the top of the screen
      • How do I cancel a gift
        • If you have purchased a gift that has not yet been finalized you can cancel by either viewing your past orders on your account or by contacting us. Please note that if an order has already been dispatched for delivery you will need to follow the returns process once you receive the delivery
      • How do I return a gift I bought someone
      • How to buy a gift card
        • You can purchase gift cards here, we have a range of gift card options you can select from. You can find this link in the footer
      • Do the registrants know I have purchased the gift?
        • The registrant once they close their registry will receive any notes left for them as well as who purchased which items. If a gift was bought that was not linked to the registry then they will not receive any information pertaining to that gift as we will not be able to link it to a particular registrant.
      • What forms of payment do you accept
        • We accept payments through Payfast which include EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) and various forms of credit cards.
      • Do you offer gift wrapping and a gift message
      • How will the registrants know the gift is from me?



      • How much does delivery cost
      • How long will it take to deliver
      • Where do you deliver to
      • How to cancel my order
      • How to track my order
      • What is your return policy