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      LayUp Purchases

      Your purchase will only be delivered once the payment plan has been completed. If your purchase is cancelled then an administrative fee of 5% will be charged and removed from the refund value. 

      LayUp - How it works

      What is LayUp?

      LayUp is an interest free payment plan company that lets you pay over time for the items you want through monthly instalments at no extra cost. LayUp does not charge interest or do credit checks to start a LayUp payment plan giving you instant approval and the ability to pay small amounts each month through simple, smart, instalments with no risk.

      How does LayUp work?

      When seeing the “pay with LayUp” button at checkout or in-store you will have the option to lay-by your order by paying a small deposit (set by the merchant) in order to secure the goods or service at the advertised price. You then select the number of weeks/months that you would like to pay for product or service, subject to any terms and conditions defined by the merchant i.e. final payment date and deposit (percentage/amount) required to activate the payment plan.

      How does using LayUp benefit me?

      From an end-user perspective, some of the benefits include:

      • Secure desired items now without paying in full
      • Paying by instalments makes purchasing items online more flexible with no added upfront transaction costs
      • Interest-free monthly instalments
      • Customer can use any issued Mastercard or Visa credit or debit card to pay their instalments
      • No credit checks and extensive personal information required that would likely cause delays and distractions from completing the purchase
      • ‘Gamification’ model features to reduce financial obligations

      LayUp says its interest free, is that possible?

      Yes, it is possible! The system that LayUp has created allows you the ability to secure a purchase without having to pay the full amount upfront. You will never be charged more for the item than what you set out to pay.

      Whats your contact info? I need to talk to someone.

      You may contact us on Tel: 087 094 5555 or alternatively Email:

      How do I make payments?

      Once you have activated a payment plan with LayUp, via card or EFT you log into into your personalised customer dashboard to view, monitor and make ad hoc contribution payments at any point 24/7.

      Alternatively, LayUp has fully automated the recurring billing process which allows you to sit back and relax as you reach closer to your goal each month by making your monthly instalments. Get in touch with us to find out more

      What is the deposit payment for?

      A deposit is required to secure the desired items now at the advertised price and to activate your payment plan, without having to pay in full. This does not require a credit check or additional information! The deposit payment is included within the total price of your desired item.

      How do the monthly instalments work?

      The monthly instalments act as payments made towards to the total amount owing for the product/service purchased. Dependant on the terms agreed upon by you and the merchant, these instalments allow for timely incremental amounts to be made instead of paying up-front. This typically results in not having to use credit or going into unwarranted debt.

      What other features does LayUp offer?

      The split payments is an exciting feature that allows you to split the total cost of your order with your family/friends (guests). This feature enables your guests to start and follow their own payment plans, once you choose to add split payment to the LayUp payment option at checkout. You may choose the amount of guests you want to include in the order, to reduce the total cost.

      I forgot my password

      Oh no, these things do happen. We are here to help. Please follow the link: and you will receive a verification email to confirm your new password.

      What happens if I miss a payment?

      In the case of missing a payment, the amount will be rolled over and amortised over the remaining months left in your payment plan. To reduce the monthly instalments, make ad hoc payments on your personalised dashboard and watch as you reach closer and closer to your goal.

      What is the minimum lay-by time?

      Instalment payment terms are presented to end-customers for a minimum of 2 months to a maximum of 3 months.

      How long does it take to set up an account?

      It takes a matter of seconds to set up a profile. Once you’re on the LayUp website, click on the sign up tab follow the instructions and register a profile and receive the services LayUp has on offer.

      How will I keep informed about my payments?

      LayUp will send you monthly reminders via email and sms with a statement and then invoice once the billing run has occurred. You can also login to your dashboard to view and download your statements.

      Will I get charged for late payments?

      No, you will not be charged for late payments. The payment plan will be adjusted according to the months you have left within your payment plan.

      Which cards does LayUp accept?

      LayUp accepts all valid Visa and Mastercard that have been approved for online transactions. Please contact your bank and ensure e-commerce payments have been turned on and that you limit is set high enough for the payment to go through.

      How do refunds and cancellations work with LayUp?

      You always have the flexibility to cancel your payment plan at any time and receive your funds back less 5% of your deposit.

      How long does it take to receive my goods or order?

      You will always be required to pay in full before receiving the goods or services. Once your payment plan is complete, the merchant will release the goods or service to you. Please contact for merchant related queries and one of our expert account managers will get in touch.

      Is it possible to change my card details on my payment plan?

      Yes, it is! You would need to log in to your profile and “add card” to your already existing details. Once made the changes will be saved immediately and be updated for your next billing cycle.

      How can I trust LayUp?

      LayUp is a technology-driven “lay-buy” payments company which commenced activities in 2017 after validating the concept through a closed group of merchants and customers for 24 months. Our solution is tried and tested and we ensure we have put every measure in place for security processes and safety of collecting and receiving money on behalf the merchant and yourself.

      What Guarantee do I have that I will receive my goods or service?

      As a fully registered, alternative payment solutions company, LayUp Technologies (Pty) Ltd , we ensure that we only work vetted companies that are legally bound to honour the lay-by contract they have agreed to. LayUp will ensure all your money is returned less the non-refundable deposit in lieu of any goods or services not being honoured by a merchant.

      If I can no longer afford a product or do not want it, what process will be followed?

      Unfortunately, this does happen. Please contact for merchant related queries and one of our expert layUp team members will get in touch.

      Can I extend my payment plan?

      Yes, you may extend your payment plan. The minimum period is for 3 months and the maximum period is 6 months. You would be able to complete by getting in contact with us and following the instructions here:

      Can I pay up sooner than the original payment plan set up by the merchant?

      Yes, you can! LayUp is flexible and lets you shop your way. If you’d prefer to pay up sooner than the length of time that you or the merchant originally set, you can. Simply increase the amount of your instalment/s to complete your payment plan sooner.